We provide cutting edge Online/1-2-1 Personal Training to help clients from all walks of life achieve their own individual health and fitness desires.

Our bespoke nutrition and Training services are designed for anyone who need guidance and coaching, to create a healthier balanced lifestyle.

Our online alternative lets you have the ability to save money and receive ongoing support & guidance making it cost effective.

With skilled professionals at your fingertips, you can access all of the relevant knowledge you need on a single document.

Visit our Testimonial page for an insight into the types of results you will receive. We are fully qualified and specialists at what we do.

Electronically access your workouts on your mobile devices at any time and in any location with no restrictions by gym opening times.

Meet our Team


7 Years Experience

Growing up as a child/teenager I was nurtured into health/Fitness and all different aspects of sports. My family background consists of Weightlifting, Judo and Bodybuilding.


5 Years Experience

Abigail has the knowledge and skills to develop a nutrition and training plan suited to your requirements, we work with all our clients to help them achieve their fitness goals.


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When will our team contact you?

After purchasing a package we will contact you and schedule a consultation phone call to  really get to know you. We will discuss your questionnaire, goals, specific requirements, training, nutrition and any queries you may have.

How does the support work?

We will support you throughout your journey with us using WhatsApp and the Physique Academy APP as our platforms. You will check-in with your coach every week on the specific check-in day provided. If  you have any questions or concerns during your program message our team from 9am-7pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. We are here to support you.



How does it work?

Select a Package, check-out and complete the questionnaire. Our team will contact you. We will start to devise your plan, this can take 3-5 full working days.

Is my package custom to me?

Every program we create is unique to the individual. Accommodating your lifestyle, macros, training and work/life balance. No two plans are the same as no two people are the same. This is something that is very important to us.

How do the check-ins work?

Check-ins are a very important part of your journey. Every week we will track your progress with via, progress pictures, weight/body measurements, training adherence, daily steps average and a personal catch up keeping you accountable. We will make changes to your program based on your results.

Will I need to use a gym?

Depending on your body composition goals gym equipment maybe required. We can tailor the programme to your environment, ranging from park/home/gym workouts with none/minimal equipment. All workouts will be on our physique academy APP with exercise tutorials showing you the correct form and technique to perform all exercises.

How often do I need to workout?

Depending on your commitments, lifestyle and goal will determine on how many days we suggest to train. We will always create a program that fits into your life.

How much will I need to spend on food per week?

When filling out the questionnaire we request your weekly food budget. From this we can help devise a plan suited to your budget.

How will I know my technique/form is correct?

If you are worried about your technique/form or just need reassurance that you are doing the exercises correctly. Every exercise will have a video tutorial displayed on the Physique Academy APP. We request video footage of you performing the exercise you are struggling with.

How do I get in contact to make an enquiry?

If you have an enquiry please fill in the question box located at the bottom of the CONTACT US page. Alternatively, if you are a physique Academy client you can use WhatsApp or Email.

Is there any hidden fees?

At Physique Academy there are no hidden fees. Supplements and gym memberships would be an added exspense to you which is at your own discretion. Guidelines will be given.

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