5 Years Experience


I have always been active in sports and fitness from an early age, but my passion is nutrition. I am a true wellness advocate and believe that this can be implemented into everyone’s lifestyle.

Abigail's Story

Throughout my life I have always taken an interest in nutrition, I believe that a healthy diet combined with fitness should be a lifestyle.


I have been training since the age of 18 and have gained experience within the industry during this time. It has become my passion to help clients reach their full potential.

Over the years I have learnt that finding the balance between my training, work, healthy eating and personal time is crucial for my positive mindset and wellbeing. I am currently studying at Mac Nutrition University to become an Evidence Based Nutritionist, this is constantly adding to my existing knowledge within health and fitness.

Physique academy has become a part of who I am, I really want to make a positive impact by helping as many people as I possibly can achieve their fitness goals.

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