6 Years Experience

Growing up as I was nurtured into health/Fitness and all different aspects of sports. My family background was weight lifting, judo and bodybuilding. My grandad owned the first Judo/weight lifting gym in the local town. They competed in teams who won in nationally recognized competitions.

My Story

I started weight training at 14 years old after being advised by 4 premier league football academies, that I wasn’t strong or tall enough. This mentally knocked my confidence at a young age and made me more determined to become stronger and build my physique.


My love for nutrition and training became my focus. For the next few years I lived and breathed building my physique to the best possible shape I could achieve. I started competing at 17 years old and won the Mr United Kingdom under 18s in my first bodybuilding show in 2013. After which I went on to win 9 shows in just 2 years of competing.


However, competing in so many shows in such a short period of time combined with strict dieting caused fatigue. I then pushed my body too far with weight training, severely straining both my biceps and developed tendonitis “golfers’ elbow”. As a consequence I wasn’t able to weight train for 16 months, resulting in losing all the progress I made over the four years of training.


This period in my life really challenged me and made me re-think the way I approached fitness and nutrition. Taking a step back from competing I put all my focus and energy into helping others reach their goals. I wanted to become the best personal trainer and coach I could be. I started coaching clients at the age of 18 and quickly became established helping hundreds of clients at all levels of fitness. It became my passion.


Over the years the brand Physique Academy was built because I wanted to connect to the masses, that’s why I took Personal Training online to make a bigger impact and build a community of inspiring individuals who want to reach their full potential.

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