An introductory phone call to discuss your questionnaire answers in detail. We will then discuss how we will get you on the right track to achieve your fitness goals.


At the start of your journey with us we analyse your eating habits, meal frequency, food types, calories, macros and micronutrients. We take into consideration all of the foods you like and dislike to create a customised nutrition plan you are likely to adhere to.


Your training plan is designed around your goals. We provide in depth routines in our APP with video tutorials for all exercises. From home workouts with minimal equipment to fully equipped gyms we give you a bespoke exercise schedule including resistance training, circuits, cardio and active recovery sessions.

Check ins

Every week you will check in with your coach on the specific day selected. Providing your updated measurements, pictures and information about how you got on that week. This is a great chance to ask any questions or air any concerns you may have to your coach.


You will gain 1-2-1 access to your coach, who will provide professional advice and support whilst also keeping you accountable throughout your journey.


Book a free consultation call with either George or Abi to discuss your goals and aims. Our team will be able to provide suggestions and options for you to consider.

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