Meet Dylan McConachy

My passion for sports and fitness, nurtured in football academies, drives me as a coach at Physique Academy, where I shape strong, functional bodies and support client transformations.


Dylan McConachy

Online Coach / Personal Trainer


About Dylan

Having been involved in elite Australian Football Programs as a teenager, my desire and passion to improve not just my fitness, but all areas of my life has been constant. This mentality of pushing to your edges and limits is something I strive to do for my clients. Fitness and health have been a huge part of my life up to date. Being exposed to elite level sporting academies as a teenager showed me what it takes to truly actualise your potential. Australian Football was why I began taking training seriously. I wanted to be the best player I could be. I still play to this day and love every minute of it.

The way I have trained has evolved as I’ve grown my knowledge. Starting off I went hard on the bodybuilding training style and saw results very quickly, however I realised that it wasn’t necessarily improving my performance on the field. After a bit of trial & error, I figured out the best way for me to train was to ensure it was aligned with my sport.  After this adjustment I managed to take home three Best & Fairest Awards for my club in 5 seasons.

After doing the “partying thing” for several years in my early twenties, I hit a wall in life. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled or content with anything. I had everything I could have ever asked for, only it didn’t feel that way internally. I ended up hiring a Personal Development coach. This experience for me was profound. I was able to peel back the layers within my psyche to better understand WHY I wasn’t content with my life. After graduating this program, not long after I joined another and my thirst to better know myself became so great that I eventually began to create my own Personal Development Program.

Joining the Physique Academy team has allowed me to fulfil my strong passion for health and fitness as well as help guys to overcome the limiting beliefs that have stopped them from going after their potential and achieving their goals.  Seeing clients not only get in the best shape of their lives, but also feel the best they’ve felt mentally is the number one driving factor for me. By pushing myself in all areas of my life I can show my clients that they can do it too! There is no secret sauce, just a willingness to go one more.

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