Armstrong Athlete Program


Armstrong Athlete Program



Our high-level performance program, synthesising training, nutrition and mindset coaching to fast-track you to the fittest, fastest and strongest version of yourself.

Build upon your foundations and reach your athletic potential. Take your physical performance to the next level, develop unbreakable resilience and mental toughness to reach your true athletic potential and embody your personal definition of fitness.

The majority of “transformation coaches” are really just bodybuilding coaches with a fancy title. They promise they’ll help you “transform your physique” and “achieve your dream body” - the six-pack, the bulging biceps, the boulder shoulders - and the results they have, seem to back up these claims. 

But what you don’t see is the reality of having your “dream body” using their methods - the broken relationship with food, energy levels and sex drive in the toilet, and the fitness of an 80-year-old chain smoker. 

That’s what a photoshoot transformation does to your body. Short-term results at the expense of long-term progress. 

At Physique Academy, we do things differently, because we found that guys we work with have done other programmes before, but were never able to make any of their results “stick”. No matter which diet or programme they followed, there was always something they were having to sacrifice - they’d get a six-pack but their fitness would be in the gutter, or they’d have to say goodbye to any kind of definition when chasing a deadlift PB. They were sick and tired of sacrificing their performance just to “look good”. 

The guys we work with don’t just want to “look good”. They want to be fitter, faster, stronger and more athletic - and they want to “look” as good as they perform. They want their physiques to be an accurate reflection of what they can do. 

And they don’t want to have to sacrifice their physiques in pursuit of improved performance, or vice versa. 

This is why we developed our Physique Phases system that we use within the Armstrong Athlete Programme, so you don’t have to choose between your physique and your performance, you can combine them both.

We’ll sit down with you and dive deep into your current training and performance - what your schedule and programme currently look like, where you feel your weaknesses are, which areas you want to improve on and what your personal physique and performance goals are. You’ll then be assigned a coach who best matches the goals and disciplines you’re looking to combine together in your hybrid training programme - be that bodybuilding and triathlons, Crossfit and Ultrarunning or Football and Powerlifting - we have a roster of coaches that are specialists in any field you can think of.

Your coach will then work backwards from the personal goals you’ve given us to build you a training program that is tailor-made for what you want to achieve. But they won’t simply be combining a 4 day hypertrophy split with a triathlon plan, or cramming in an Ultra programme around your Crossfit WODs, because concurrent training plans are destined for failure and injury.

Instead, our Physique Phases utilise the principles of hybrid training to maximise training progress across multiple areas without sacrificing performance in a single discipline/area. Your coach will analyse your training requirements and stressors in each area of your chosen sports so they can build you a unique training schedule to minimise interference between sessions, maximise your recovery and allow you to progress in all areas.

This is what other coaches get wrong - they try to combine multiple sports and training styles into one “Mega Training Plan” without considering how different styles of training conflict, or the total training load and stress this will put on your body. And inevitably this is what leads to either your performance in one area/sport slipping at the expense of the other, or the overwhelming training load leading to an injury that will put you out of action.

We then support your training with a custom nutrition strategy designed to perfectly fuel your body through your training sessions without simply ramping up your calories and causing unnecessary body fat gain. Instead, your coach will walk you through how we’ll structure your diet on training and no training days to ensure you’re fueling yourself to maximise both performance in your sessions and your recovery. 

On top of this, we’ll go in-depth on how to maximise your performance in your training - how to fuel your workouts, which supplements to take and when etc - We will look at improving the optimal timing of your protein, carbs and fats so you feel fuelled for all your sessions and can bring your A-game every time.

We’ll also help plan your week around your social calendar, so you don't have to avoid seeing your friends and family for fear you’ll ruin your diet. We’ll have a weekly review where we’ll go over any events you have coming up, you can share menus with us so we can review these together. We’ll then build these events into your plan for the week ahead - so it won’t matter if you’re heading out for drinks with your friend, or having a date night with your partner, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself guilt-free, without worrying you’re screwing up your diet or compromising your recovery. This looks different for every client, but could be anything from what foods to focus on at a family party, all the way to exactly what you could order at the restaurant you’re heading to. 

We designed the Armstrong Athlete program to help you unlock your peak performance and realise your potential by combining the four pillars that are essential for success - training, nutrition, recovery and accountability.


TRAINING PROGRAM: An individualised progressive training program focussed on maximising your training performance, tailored to your specific goals, limitations, preferences and experience.

NUTRITION PROGRAM: A personalised nutrition strategy designed to optimise body composition and training performance in line with your goals, dietary requirements and preferences. Bespoke event and race-day nutrition strategies to ensure peak performance.

MINDSET GUIDANCE: Specific mindset training and practices designed to develop unshakeable mental resilience and build the tenacity required to fulfil your athletic potential.

LIFESTYLE OPTIMISATION: Strategies and lifestyle changes that will help you implement habits and routines to support your performance and training.

MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT: 1-1 access to our team of qualified mental health professionals to support and develop your mental health, and overcome mental barriers hampering your performance and develop the resilience required to achieve unlock your inner athlete.

1-1 SUPPORT: Daily communication with your assigned coach, in addition to frequent check-ins dedicated to reviewing your progress and setting performance-based metrics for your training. Support with preparation, nutrition and fueling strategies for upcoming events.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Access to our Armstrong Army community where you can interact with our coaches, other clients and the wider Physique Academy community.

EDUCATION: Learn and develop your training, nutrition and mindset knowledge through our Physique Academy Education portal, with access to our library of science-backed resources and lectures/webinars/talks from industry-leading experts.

APPAREL: Access to exclusive high-quality Physique Academy apparel designed for training and lifestyle.






We combine both athletics with aesthetics. Endurance, strength and functional training combined

Jordan Bove

"This has transformed me inside and outside of the gym giving me the knowledge I need to bring this to my everyday life. Forever grateful. Mentally bringing my old self back happier and more confident."

Benjamin Wood

"The best thing about working with Jamie at physique academy has been the level of support and encouragement."

Josh Crook

"I’ve never maintained a lean physique for this long, it’s a huge achievement for me. Coach Harry has taught me that not every week is going to be perfect and its more of a journey to becoming the best version of myself."

Sam Singleton

"Driven by achieving the best results both mentally and physically."

Ben Ellis

"Without a shadow of doubt we successfully smashed the goals leaving me with a physique I have been no where near before!"

Ty Couanis

"It’s so much bigger than just the physical body changes you see in the before and after pictures. It’s what it’s done to his mindset that counts the most."

Carl Green

"After years of trying on my own physique academy helped me over come yo-yo dieting with a nine restrictive sustainable approach to health, fitness and nutrition."

Jamie Jones

"40 years old in the best shape of my life. Fit, strong, healthy, and jacked!!"


We create life changing result



Transform your physique with confidence. Learn and adopt nutritional strategies that promote healthy change, without starvation.



Understand how your lifestyle impacts your mind and body. Learn new habits to help you look and feel great on the outside and inside.



Get fit and meet your bodybuilding, functional or athletics goals with bespoke, structured exercise & training programs.



Become a better version of yourself through mental health coaching. Discover new mindset principles to help you achieve your goals.


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At Physique Academy we believe that access to valuable information should be available to all

That's why we've curated a diverse collection of free resources that are here to inspire, educate, and empower you. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, our handpicked content is designed to help you thrive. Dive in and discover a wealth of tools, insights, and expertise waiting to elevate your skills and enrich your life.


At Physique Academy we believe that access to valuable information should be available to all

That's why we've curated a diverse collection of free resources that are here to inspire, educate, and empower you. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, our handpicked content is designed to help you thrive. Dive in and discover a wealth of tools, insights, and expertise waiting to elevate your skills and enrich your life.


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