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NEW From Physique Academy

Armstrong Program

This is an Exclusive 6 months health, fitness and lifestyle recomposition program for men who want more out of life. 

Build your best self yet. Through nutrition, exercise, psychology and behavior change, we will help you dominate your health and fitness goals.


What is included in this program?

  • Access to the most comprehensive fitness app
  • 1-2-1 Weekly check-in’s with dedicated coach
  • Lifestyle / Mental health analysis
  • Tailored Training programs (bodybuilding/functional/athletics)
  • Behavioural change physiologist
  • Mindset / Mental health coaching
  • Conditioning workouts (Get fit!)
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Facebook community group
  • 1-2-1 WhatsApp communication with coach
  • Educational client portal, webinars/documents/zooms
This program is unlike anything we have done before at Physique Academy and those selected will need to be the perfect fit for this program. You will require 100% dedication to this cause and focus on becoming the best version of you.

Physique Academy
Armstrong Program


PHASE 01 (Foundation)

We always start off where the client is wether your a beginner or fitness veteran. We create an action plan, set new targets and goals, start eliminating bad habits and begin learning the basics and foundations of how to optimise your health. We become familiar with different training techniques and movement patterns and start integrating fitness as a part of your everyday life developing your mindset with discipline, structure, and routine.

PHASE 02 (Evolve)

After completing phase one your fitness, body, mind, and habits have elevated and you’ve started to see and feel the benefits of the program and notice your capabilities, but we don’t stop there. Now that you are physically and mentally stronger we implement bigger goals as we educate you on how to maintain your results and evolve them further.

PHASE 03 (Breakthrough)

After completing phase two you are now in the best physical and mentally condition. With new goals and a new mission we coach you in to a whole new identity where you feel fitter, stronger and more confident than you believed was possible. We will show you how to continue to constantly set new challenges and goals to help you feel inspired and motivated every day. You now have the knowledge to stay on track with your fitness goals and continue to make progress.

Are you at rock bottom? This is for guys who seriously want to start taking responsibility for their health.

This programme is an opportunity to buildcreate disciplineconfidencestructuregood habitsroutinemental toughness


fitness profile

How to become the superior athlete

Quick easy to read Guide

Secrets to my clients results

Nutrition & Training hacks


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