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I conquered childhood adversity as the "fat kid," molding a stronger self through fitness. As a certified trainer and men's physique athlete, I'm fervently driven to ignite transformative change and lasting impact.


Houston Chambwera

Online Coach / Personal Trainer


About Houston

In high school, I was known as the "fat kid" who endured relentless bullying due to my appearance. Determined to transform myself, I embarked on a journey of weight loss during my late teens and ended up becoming underweight. It was during my first lads’ holiday to Ibiza that I felt a deep sense of shame and insecurity, unable to even remove my shirt in front of my friends. Motivated to make a change, I made the decision to hire a personal trainer.

With the guidance of my personal trainer, I embarked on a transformative fitness journey, emerging leaner, stronger, and brimming with newfound confidence on my subsequent holiday. This experience ignited a passion within me to share my knowledge and empower others to regain their self-assurance. I became a fully qualified personal trainer, dedicating myself to helping hundreds of clients achieve their fitness goals over the years.

However, due to unexpected circumstances, my girlfriend at the time became pregnant, and I had to make the difficult decision to leave my career as a personal trainer for a more stable 9-5 job. Despite the change in direction, my desire to make a profound impact on people's lives remained unwavering. I searched relentlessly for an opportunity to break free from the rut I found myself in, and it was through a fortuitous encounter with a podcast featuring George Armstrong as a guest that my prayers were answered.

Knowing deep in my heart that I had to be part of this extraordinary team, I made every effort to connect with them. Joining this incredible group became my life's mission, as I yearned to change and impact the lives of thousands of individuals. My expertise lies in the realm of bodybuilding, a passion that permeates every aspect of my existence. As a current men's physique athlete, I have participated in six shows, achieving top-three placements in two and emerging as the champion in one.

My pursuit of excellence knows no bounds, as I continually strive to reach new heights and ultimately attain professional status in one of the prestigious federations. I am acutely aware that my purpose in life is to effect positive change and leave an indelible mark on the lives of others. Given the opportunity, I am confident that I can bring about a transformation in your life, just as I have done for countless others.

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