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With a strong fitness passion, I push boundaries, enhance resilience, and optimize performance. From rugby to a 5-year Sport and Exercise Science study, I've honed physical, nutritional, and psychological aspects.


Javi Gomez

Online Coach / Personal Trainer


About Javi

Fitness is a huge passion of mine. I love pushing my body to its limits which goes hand in hand with optimising my mindset and building the mental resilience to not just excel within the realms of fitness but also my daily life and future endeavours. I participated in rugby from a young age and worked through to a high level, where I was first exposed to appropriate strength and conditioning protocols, pushing my body to perform, and developing a passion for this component within the fitness world. Studying Sport and Exercise Science at Exeter University involved researching in-depth processes to ensure athletes perform at the highest level possible, whether through diet and nutrition, strength and conditioning methodologies, altering in depth physiological processes to better one’s athletic capabilities or altering one’s cognitive and psychological processes to attain more efficient performance behaviours all of which I dedicated 5 years of my life to studying.

In the role of Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Exeter meant I was responsible for the implementation of appropriate, targeted Strength and Conditioning methodologies to enhance the performance of highly elite athletes who engaged in an extremely competitive BUCS super league competition to ensure they were performing to the highest level possible, planning, leading, and directing sessions accordingly. I have a vast and expansive knowledge of various techniques and protocols to enhance the performance of both beginner and elite level athletes whether this is through applying specific S&C protocols or presenting information surrounding nutritional information and guidance to ensure they are performing to the highest level possible. I have also been responsible for applying rehabilitation protocols for injured athletes and individuals, planning and leading specific approaches to ensure they return to the same level of performance prior to injury as well as greatly minimising the risk of a repeated injury, using various platforms to monitor progression.

Whilst assisting as a sports scientist for Exeter Chiefs Rugby I worked with extremely high performing athletes some of whom represent their country at international level. I was responsible for conducting appropriate fitness tests and analysing and collecting performance data using highly adaptive technology such as isokinetic dynamometers, force plates, and motion capture to then implement the correct conditioning procedures to enhance physical performance. Being a personal trainer and performance coach has allowed me to work with a diverse range of individuals, at differing levels, enabling me to hone my ability to offer varying approaches and methodologies dependent on one’s experience to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Thus, in turn facilitating a positive connotation with a healthy and active lifestyle, with a positive carryover into one’s day to day life. The goal is to take my clients to the next level both physically and mentally and completely transform their lives.

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