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My passion for sports and fitness, nurtured in football academies, drives me as a coach at Physique Academy, where I shape strong, functional bodies and support client transformations.


Jordan Scott

Online Coach / Personal Trainer


About Jordan

I have always had a keen interest in sports, starting with football at a very young age. My journey took me through professional academies until I turned 18, a period during which I discovered my deep passion for fitness. Working closely with elite strength and conditioning coaches, I witnessed the incredible capabilities of the human body, and this environment consistently pushed me to exceed my limits. Whether it's for sports performance or simply to feel one's best, I firmly advocate for building a strong and functional body. To me, training has always been about striving for excellence in all aspects of life, shaping my daily existence and igniting my passion for helping others unlock its potent benefits.

Beyond the realm of sports and performance, my exploration of training and nutrition has not only boosted my confidence but also improved my daily well-being. These principles have allowed me to set a positive example for my young child, demonstrating how to live a healthy and joyful life. As a coach with three years of experience, I've learned that coaching revolves around people and relationships. The one-on-one aspect of coaching is where I find the most joy, as it enables me to work closely with individuals, helping them shift their mindset, build confidence, and believe in their potential, just as we coaches do. There is no greater reward than witnessing a client undergo both mental and physical transformations, a testament to their unwavering commitment to self-improvement. Being a part of this transformative journey at Physique Academy is a true privilege.

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