Meet Reiss Abberley

I made my passion for fitness a profession by completing a Personal Training Apprenticeship. At Shawhill, I worked with diverse clients for 3 years, honing my skills and achieving my goal of helping them achieve their fitness objectives.


Reiss Abberley

Online Coach / Personal Trainer


About Reiss

I began training whilst I was still going to school, at 14 to 15, I remember sometimes taking my school books out of my began and replacing them with my gym kit, getting to school, walking to the top of the field and getting changed to head straight to go train. 

Upon finishing school, I started my Personal Training Apprenticeship at a local leisure club, quickly escalating my passion into a profession, during the 1 year course and subsequent 3 years at the Shawhill I worked with a huge variety of clients with hugely differing goals, levels of fitness, requirements, allowing me to further develop my own knowledge and passion for the helping individuals reach their fitness goals and find a real sense of fulfilment.

Whilst working at Shawhill, I also took my own training very seriously, choosing to enter my first bodybuilding show at 17, largely following in George’s footsteps and winning the NABBA Mr. UK Junior class. This win only further lit the fire beneath me to continue to push my own physical and mental limits as much as possible allowing me to continue onto winning further shows between 20 and 21, since then I have taken further time to advance my own fitness goals and aim to compete at my best this coming September 23rd (2023).

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