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George Armstrong Weekly Workout 13th February 2022

George Armstrong Weekly Workout 13th February 2022


Legs -
Phase 1

Barbell front squats 10,8,6,4,2
Barbell walking lunges 12,10,8,20dropset (each leg)
Phase 2
Gaint sets / 4 sets  
Leg extensions 15
Goblet squat 15
Bodyweight lunges 20
90second rest between rounds

Partner work
Assault run 10 rounds each
30s on 30s off max cals


Push - PHASE 1
Flat BB bench press 5x5,(Bw max out reps set)
Seated db press 10,8,6,(20 drop set)
Incline DB chest press 10,8,6
Front cable raises 15,12,10
Barbell skull crushers 15,12,10,8 superset with BW dips max out reps.

Phase 2

10km Run easy pace.


Pull - Phase 1
BB Deadlifts 5x3
Straight arm pull downs 15,12,10,30 drop set)
Weighted pull ups 10,8,6.4
Cable bicep curls 15,12,10,8,30 drop set)
Preacher DB curls 10,8,6,4 each arm

Phase 2
Complete in a pair
Barbell Deadlift to Pendlay row 30
Bar facing burpees 20
Box overs 30
5 rounds.
(Barbell body weight)


0-2min:10 OH barbell squats / Ski erg 14cal
2-4min:10 Burpees to touch / Ski erg 14cal
4-6min:10 Barbell clean & Press / Ski erg 14cal
6-8min:14 Box overs / Ski erg 14cal
8-10min:10 Duel DB snatch / Ski erg 14cal
(Barbell 50-60kg), (Dumbbells 20-25kg)


Full body -
Phase 1

Barbell squats 5x5
Bent over rows 5x5
Flat bench press 5x5

Phase 2
DT (12 Deadlifts,9 Hang Power Cleans,6 Push Jerks)
Assault run 70cal
DT 5
Assault run 60cal
DT 5
Assault run 50cal
DT 5
Assault run 40cal
DT 5
Assault run 30cal
DT 5
Assault run 20cal
DB 25-30kg
Barbell 50-60k

Cold Exposure
Organ Meats - Nature's Multi-Vitamin