How To Overcome Failure

How To Overcome Failure

No matter what stage you are in the fitness world, it’s important to know that failure is unfortunately inevitable. Those at their top of their game will tell you that there will be certain times where they have failed but they have learnt from these failures, which is why they are where they are. Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again (not from the very start as this could be at certain stages of a plan for different people), but this time more intelligently. It’s important not to feel threatened by failure because when it hits you, you’ll find it harder to overcome when in fact, it needs to be approached with a positive mindset and turned into an advantaged. At Physique Academy, we equip you with all the knowledge you need to overcome failure by taking you through the below steps. 


This tends to be the hardest step in overcoming failure. The process of looking in the mirror and taking responsibility for your mistake. Yes, you have failed and it’s time to accept that you have taken a step back in your progress. However, you have successfully accepted that you have failed and can now improve. Failures will differ from person to person and will be perceived on different scales, but any activity that have hindered your fitness goals is a failure. Another reason that accepting failure is important is because if you do not accept that you have failed, then failures will not be identified. If you can’t identify a failure, then these issues will reoccur and become bad habits.


Now that you have accepted you have failed, it’s now time to acknowledge where you have failed. A failure can easily be pinned down to one stimulus that has influenced your failure. This can be a myriad of influencers; an “are you coming out this weekend” text, not sticking to your routine, having a ‘cheat meal/day/week’ that isn’t included in your plan and one we can relate to… NOT CHECKING IN WITH YOUR COACHES. These influencers can be both external and internal. We get it, all your mates are out at the weekend eating and drinking and you feel like you’re missing out, so you jump on the band wagon. Why? Is the fear of missing out on a pissed-up night, spending more money than sense, getting head banging hangover the next day more important than changing your lifestyle? Remember, you do not have to miss out, just take things into consideration and moderation when these situations occur and consult in your coach when doing so. Internal factors such as loss of motivation, dedication and drive can influence failure. Remember, this process is time consuming and won’t happen over-night. Stick to the plan and the results will come. The reason why we have mentioned these external and internal factors are because these are the situations you must acknowledge once you have accepted failure.


The third step in overcoming is learning from your mistakes. Coming to terms with failing is a learning curve and you must overcome failures to better yourself by educating yourself on how to improve. In some cases, failure is inevitable but teaching yourself to overcome failure separates successful people from those who fall into the victim mindset and are unable to learn from their mistakes. Once you have accepted and acknowledged failure say to yourself, “yes, I have failed. Yes, I know exactly where I failed and now, I am going to teach myself how to ensure this doesn’t happen again and how I can now overcome this failure”.


Congratulations, you have accepted, acknowledged, and educated yourself on failure by avoiding the victim mindset, ready to overcome your failure. Now it’s time to take action. Replace those negative external and factors with positive influencers, consult in your coach and agree on an action plan to get yourself back on track, successfully overcome failure by learning from your mistakes and come out stronger feeling more motivated than ever to achieve your goals.

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