Why Motivation Isn’t Enough

Why Motivation Isn’t Enough

Motivation and Discipline. Two words that mean completely different things but are used interchangeably, especially in the health and fitness world.

This is a problem.


Because it drives people to think and act incorrectly when it comes to achieving long term results.

They’re both important, but today we’re going to discuss how prioritising them in a different will help you reach and keep your goals.

Here’s a taste of what motivation can do: you’ve just watched the latest Arnold workout video; you’re pumped up and ready to crush it. You’ve mapped out your workout routine for the next 6 months, meanwhile, Beastie Boys Sabotage is blasting out your headphones and you’re sprinting faster than Usain Bolt to the gym.

What about when motivation fades? You’re knackered, feeling a bit burnt out from the day and perhaps a little self-doubt. You’re meant to be hitting legs tonight, but the next episode of Love Island is on, and a Dominos would be easier than cooking.

It’s self-discipline that needs to step in. Do you have the consistent habits built to ensure you take the required actions towards your goals, even when you don’t feel like it? Without question.

Without discipline, you will constantly be at the mercy of how you feel at the time.

You must make decisions all day every day, and eventually, decision fatigue sets in. Think of willpower or motivation as a finite resource, you only have so much of it.

Discipline allows you to take action when your excitement, motivation and curiosity fade. Discipline conquers self-doubt, decision fatigue and procrastination.

Think of discipline as a skill that you need to practise. Here are a few actions you can try to incorporate daily to do exactly that.

  • Getting up at the same time every morning, even if you’re tired
  • Take a cold shower every morning
  • Set a schedule and stick to it
  • Don’t use your phone or laptop in bed

Remember, you are what you consistently do. Motivation is a great tool to find your purpose and direction, but discipline is what will provide you with consistent results over time.

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