5 Tips to Stop Binge Eating

5 Tips to Stop Binge Eating

Binge eating is consuming a large amount of food in a short period of time which can be detrimental to your fitness goals. We often see binge eating occur when those who want to go through a weight loss change try dieting without knowledge and guidance. Cutting food down without the understanding of how to do this effectively will inevitably lead to binge eating (most likely junk food) due to a lack of understanding how to correctly curb cravings, mentally fatiguing from completely cutting our certain food groups and underperforming in the gym are just a number of ways that will lead to binge eating because nutrition has not been fully assessed and assigned properly.

Below are 5 ways that will help you from binge eating

  1. Don’t skip meals

There are no excuses to skipping meals. Time and time again we hear the excuses such as “ahh I didn’t have time to make breakfast”. But why didn’t you? Skipping this will ultimately lead to feeling hungrier later and can cause you to binge. Creating structure with meal preps and dedicating time within a routine will enable you to consume your meals at optimal times for performance and fitness goals.

  1. Rigid Dieting

Don’t thin of it as a “diet”. If you do, you are limiting yourself to foods. Change your food rules about and it won't be classed as dieting. Ps. What the fuck is a sin? We are not counting sins here, this will change your mindset on diet all together as no food is a sin unless you are not counteracting it with action.

  1. Mood

You are eating because you are bored, mad, dehydrated… not hungry. Not controlling your diet properly will alter your mood which will lead to binge eating We have all heard of the term ‘hangry’ right? This is because you have restricted your food incorrectly and you now feel the need to binge eat. With proper guidance with a tailored plan you won’t feel the need to go crazy on the cupboards at home.

  1. Don’t restrict too much

You have put yourself on a diet and you have restricted the foods you love because you think these will diminish your progress. For those who have not been put on an expert training and nutrition programme you won’t know that you can still enjoy the food you love to an extent that won’t hinder your achievements. If you jump in at the deep end and restrict your diet completely, it’s highly likely you will fail and binge eat because you haven’t restricted properly

  1. Keep busy

Yes, it’s as simple as that. Stay active with training and hobbies and you won’t succumb to boredom and binge eat. You’re more likely to go to the fridge and binge eat when you have your feet up on the couch than out and about getting your steps in.

A lot of the above tackle ways I which to avoid binge eating, and a lot of it stems down to not having adequate knowledge of how to diet properly which will cause you to crave bad foods and unhealthily binge when you cave in. At physique academy we tailor your nutrition to suit your training, your lifestyle and your personal choice. At no point will you lose the love of food and you will learn how this nutritional advice will push you towards your goals.

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