Benefits of a Morning Routine

Benefits of a Morning Routine

We have touched base on the importance of routine and how it can benefit all areas of lifestyle, fitness, business, family and mindset. Yes, daily routine is vital but for some it can be hard to completely stick to as external factors can interrupt a structured calendar. With that being said, we turn our attention to morning routine and how successfully hitting certain targets that fit your lifestyle and benefit your fitness goals will keep you on track.

If you beat the morning, you will win the day... To be less philosophical, if you complete small morning tasks you will set yourself up for a more productive day. For your fitness objectives you may want to get your steps/run/workout completed first thing in the morning due to your busy lifestyle restricting your ability to exercise in the evening. Not only this, successful sportsman and studies have praised the AM exercise for being more productive throughout the day. “I love working out first thing in the morning, it creates a natural boost of energy for the day unlike no other and keeps my mind focused”. – George Armstrong Physique Academy Coach & Founder

Fitness aside, small tasks such as waking up that little bit earlier to stretch, make breakfast, listen to a podcast, even making your bed will set yourself up for the day. Once you have identified those tasks you want to achieve each morning, create your routine as this will keep you focused and motivated.

This morning routine will benefit your mindset. You’ve certainly heard of the phrase, “getting out of the wrong side of the bed”. Well, we can confirm this is a thing. Getting up late with no structure to the most important part of the day will set you up falling into a slump later in the day because your mindset is not focused on the task at hand and is still one-step behind. Achieving small, what will in good time become sub-conscious tasks, will kickstart your focus for the rest of the day.

Feeling focused throughout the day will allow you to be productive and keep your mindset positive. Yes, you have started the day to the best of your ability, now what challenge awaits you. You can end up having a shitty day, but you can always remind yourself you’ve had a successful morning by completing your routine.

It’s important to find suitable tasks to complete each morning that suit you. If you choose too many and struggle to complete each morning it can cause you to feel stressed and like you haven’t successfully started your day in the right fashion. First of all, find achievable morning goals and turn these into a routine before they become a habit. Try this for a few weeks before you feel comfortable adding another task to your routine. It’s all about balance.

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