Choosing the right Support Group

Choosing the right Support Group

Let’s face it, going through your fitness journey as an individual can be a challenge. Going through the process alone will test your levels of dedication some days and there is nothing wrong with relying on support to keep you on track. In fact, we encourage it!

Identifying those around you who support your fitness goals, promote a positive mindset, and have similar interests and goals can improve your dedication and focus to achieving the lifestyle you aim for. We call this your ‘support system’ and choosing those to include can enhance and improve your fitness goals. Take a moment and think about friends and family, who are those who will encourage you to stay on the right path? Who are those who will congratulate you on your achievements? Who are those who will join you on your journey? These are the people you want to surround yourself with during this process.

This system usually includes friends and family but reaching outside your inner circle to groups who share the same interests and goals as yourself, can offer an extra level of support and can open new avenues of achieving your goals.

Immersing yourself with the right support system has both phycological and physical benefits. The physical benefits show in your results as the positive support system keeps you on your fitness journey, which in time will show physically. Also, choosing individuals who share fitness interests can help with the actual activity of training. You no longer have to go to the gym, run, cycle, walk (or whatever your training method) alone as you have your support system there to train with. As we mentioned, reaching out to other groups can introduce you to alternative training methods that can keep training from getting repetitive and keeps you motivated.

The psychological effect of having the right support system is vital to upholding a positive mindset. Your mindset is your greatest asset and surrounding yourself with people who encourage a positive outlook will influence your dedication. The social aspect of having a support system is also great for your mindset. Discussing training regimes, nutrition, exercising with those who share the same goals and interests will improve your focus and will allow yourself to enjoy the process more than going it alone.

As we’ve just discussed, it’s vital to your fitness journey that you surround yourself with that positive support system, but it’s just as important to identify those who can negatively affect your process and remove any bad influence they have on your lifestyle. Again, take a moment to think about those who will hinder your process both physically and mentally. Do these people have the same interests and goals as you? Do this people have a negative outlook? Do these people have the ability to discourage you from achieving your goals? These are the people who need to be removed from your fitness journey, not your life as these people may be friends and family, but remove them from the lifestyle you want to lead and the journey you are on to get there.

As well as your friends, family and newly acquainted fitness groups. Physique Academy are your support system. We are here to provide you with the tools both physically and mentally to keep you on your journey and to get you to achieve your desired lifestyle.

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