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George Armstrong Weekly Workout 20th March 2022

George Armstrong Weekly Workout 20th March 2022
Push - Part 1
1.Incline dumbbell chest press 10,8,6,4
2.flat barbell bench press 10,8,6,4
3.Seated db shoulder press 10,8,6
4.Side to front db raises 12,10,8
5.Tricep cable push downs 15,12,10
Part 2 
5km run

Legs - Part 1
BB squats 10,8,6,4
Leg press 8,10,20,30
BB Walking lunges 10,8,6 (each leg)
Part 2
Full body sweat 
Scale down or up the weight if you want to.
Every 3 Minutes for 21 minutes, Complete:
BB Cleans 12 @60kg
Assault run 20cal (300m)
Rest 2 mins 
Part 3
Every 3 Minutes for 21 minutes, Complete:
BB push press 12 @60kg
Assault run 20cal (300m)
Part 1
Partner workout 
YGIG Rower 400cal total. 
Every 90 seconds on the Rower both complete a station. 

Part 2
1.Toes to bar 14
2.Pull ups 8
3.Box overs 14
4.Kettlebell swings 15 (20-25kg)
Time cap 35mins.
Pull day - Part 1
BB Deadlifts 10,8,6,(20 drop set)
DB single arm rows 12,10,8
Weighted pull ups 10,8,6
Straight arm cable pull downs 12,10,8
Ez bar bicep curls 12,10,8
Single arm preacher curls 15,12,10
Part 2 
7km run (hard pace)
Part 1
Perform 5 rounds each
Deadlifts 12
Hang cleans 9
Push press 6
Assault run 16cal
Alternate each round. 
(Weight 60kg barbell)
REST 2 mins
Part 2
Assault bike 
BB Cleans 60kg 
Toes to bar 
DB snatch 24kg
Client of the Month - Josh Sharma
George Armstrong Weekly Workout 13th March 2022