Harry Armstrong - Why I love being an online coach

Harry Armstrong - Why I love being an online coach

Changing lives for the better

Being an online coach gives me the self satisfaction that I know I am changing peoples lives in a healthier way for both the bod y and mind. Showing people how to live a healthier lifestyle through my training program creates an incredible feeling.

Seeing clients succeed

Watching clients progress throughout the program and transition along program phases to achieve their goal is inspiring. Knowing that we have worked together, through highs and low, and be more than satisfied with the end result

Pushing people beyond their limits

Seeing the response and feedback from clients who have achieved goals they never thought possible is fantastic. The process of pushing people beyond their limits to show individuals what they are really made of and what they can achieve by going that extra mile.

Motivates me to push myself

Seeing clients progress, check in weekly, achieve new goals makes me push my own training. If I can push my clients beyond their limits, then I am able to do this myself. My clients are also an inspiration to me to keep going when I face challenges.

Educating clients on training and nutrition

Passing knowledge onto clients about training and nutrition to help them achieve their goals. I love altering perceptions abo ut food and its relationship to results.
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