Jamie Gorse - Why I love being an online coach

Jamie Gorse - Why I love being an online coach

Change of mentality

Mindset is the most important attribute to this journey. I love seeing client’s mindset change over time and the increase of dedication and focus that comes with it.

Self satisfaction of achievement

Knowing that I have helped clients change their life for the better is an incredible feeling. Creating a healthier lifestyle for clients for both their body and mind that can impact their future self creates a great feeling.

Push myself

Training others improves my training. I pride myself in being an example to my clients which entails me to push my own training and routine. You need to practise what you preach on this program and that’s why I love it. It motivates me.

Seeing client’s reactions

I love watching clients get hyped up on their weekly checkins. Seeing them hit their targets and their reactions is amazing. I feel that I have achieved their goals with them as I am there every step of their journey but seeing how they react to a weight loss, new PB, muscle gain, stepping out of their comfort zone is one of the main reasons I love being a coach.

Building relationships

I enjoy connecting with clients on both personal and professional levels. We are a huge community here at Physique Academy and I love being a part of it.
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