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Prioritising Progress

Prioritising Progress

Implemented a training and nutrition program into your lifestyle needs to be at the top of your priority list if you a serious about achieving your goals. It requires full levels of commitment and dedication to become the best version of yourself. However, there are several factors that can prove challenging for some to stay on track by negatively effecting the progress they have made and hinder the progress they are yet to make.

The fear of missing out, AKA FOMO, is a term allocated to those who are unable to miss out on events/activities because they are worried they will miss out on something. It can happen to the best of us, your mates are going on a night out ready for a ‘big one’ and you feel you are unable to join because you have dedicated yourself to the cause. There are two ways to look at this. The first way to tackle the dreaded FOMO is to basically ask yourself, am I really missing out one something that won’t happen again in the future? Is it really worth ruining the progress you have made so far with a binge night that will cause you to eat junk food for the next two days, impacting your sleep schedule and preventing you from hitting the gym as hard as possible because the hangover is still catching up on you. The second way to conquer FOMO is by being completely honest with your coach ahead of time, so they can tailor your training programme so you can enjoy a night out with your mates. Unfortunately, getting wasted is not advised but everything in moderation is the way forward when it comes to this. Physique Academy coached will amend your program ahead of time so you can enjoy these life events. What people misconceive about these programs is that you can’t enjoy social events because you’re tied down to a strict diet. Well, that’s bullshit. You need to enjoy the process which is why our coaches have the knowledge and experience to include enjoyable foods and allow you to attend events without hindering your progress.

When it comes to prioritising progress, it’s more a mind over matter situation You must be able to put your mind to the test when a challenge presents itself and prioritise your fitness goals. We have covered just one challenge in the blog but there are a number of challenged that arise; a few days off from training, binge eating, not being honest with your coach, missing a check-in and more. We take a no nonsense approach and you must also when it comes to this journey.

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