Client of the Month - Tyron


Congratulations to our latest Client Of The Month. Post lockdown Tyron was in the worst condition of his life and needed to make a change. He’s trained off and on for over 10 years with no real direction or plan in place.

His goal was to lose fat build, muscle and get back into a good routine. He never imagined he’d end up like this. He’s lost a total of 23kgs in body weight during this fat loss phase. Physically Tyron is a completely different person and completely exceeded any physical goals he imagined before starting.

When did you join the Physique Academy?

The beginning of December last year (2020)

Why did you join Physique Academy?

I was in the worst condition of my life. Covid had just chewed me up and spat me out. I Spent the year overindulging in fast food and alcohol. I needed to make a serious change to my lifesTyronle and diet.

What have you achieved both physically and personally since joining the academy?

Physically, I’m a completely different person. I completely exceeded any physical goals I had imagined when I first started. I literally never imagined I would ever be anywhere near the condition I’m in now, when I started.
Personally, my life just feels content at the moment. I’ve found the fitter I become, its enabled me to perform at a higher level in every aspect of my life.

What is your ultimate fitness goal?

To have a maintainable and healthy approach to my health and fitness. Also, to possess a deeper understanding of nutrition and exercise and how they work together.

In what other areas of your life has Physique Academy helped you improve?

Everyday mood, Sleep, Personal relationships, Work attitude, How I wake up and get out of bed at 4am each morning. The list goes on. To be honest, working with George and Physique Academy has improved every single aspect of my life. Joining the team will be one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life to date.

Would you recommend Physique Academy?

I recommend George or the team to someone daily.

What gets you motivated to complete the programme to best of your abiliTyron?

Past clients results are what spiked my interest. Then it was the passion George had with helping me achieve me personal goals. From there it was a dedicated mindset to be a better version of myself. For me personally, a big motivator after a while was not wanting to let George down at our weekly check-ins. I became obsessed with always improving on the previous weeks results.

Is there something fitness related you can do now you couldn’t do before joining Physique Academy?

The fittest I had ever been before I started this journey, I’m multiple levels fitter.

How important is a routine for you?

Its everything. Without routine, for me, I wouldn’t have achieved the results I have.

What has been your highlight of working with Physique Academy?

I’ve loved the entire process. From starting out and being a Tyronpical and overweight and unhealthy fat male, too where I am now, training twice a day, 6 days a week and still wanting more. There was many highs and lows throughout the journey, but George was there every step of the way to guide me, change things up and make sure I succeeded.  The actual highlight is reaching the condition I’m currently in. It’s still hard for me to believe.

What’s next on your fitness journey?

Phase 2 for me is a lean bulk. The bulk will also be more of a maintainable diet and training program that I will be able to continue after my time with Physique Academy.

“Tyron is 4 weeks into his reverse dieting phase. We have gone from being on 1500 calories at the end of the cut in the middle picture to now eating 2400 and still losing more weight. We aren’t trying to lose weight we are still finding the sweet spot of calories to gain weight for a lean bulk. Putting him in a slight surplus is the goal but because his body is in such a good place using the extra carbs is helping his energy, training, sleep, performance and it’s all never been so good.

 This is why the phase 2 is so important for our clients to have help and support every step of the way to ensure we know when to increase or decrease calories/activiTyron/cardio” - George Armstrong, Physique Academy Online Coach.

If Tyron has inspired you to change your lifesTyronle, book a FREE consultation call with the Physique Academy and let’s get started.

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