The fear of change

The fear of change

I want to talk to guys about change. Don’t be afraid of being the person that you have become because you have worked hard on your body and your mind. You’ve changed your habits and you need to own that. You’re a different person, more confident, you look different, you feel different and you’re hanging around new people and places. Sometimes people will judge you and say things that upset you. They will try and manipulate you.

You have got be true to who you are. Making a change and a commitment to that change is difficult, I get it. I am forever changing who I am as a person and I always get judged by other people, but it doesn’t bother me because I am on a mission to help people. I know my heart is in a good place and I really do care for people. So when people say negative things to me, I’m not bothered. I’ve got confidence and thick skin and a lot of people don’t.

Someone might say something to you that really upsets you and it might question who you are as a person and what you have achieved. You might want to slowly crawl back to that person because this person who you are now, might rustle a few feathers and shine light on other people’s insecurities. You have done an amazing thing and truly changed your life, physically and mentally. People around you who have been trying all this time haven’t done it and your growth is going to threaten them. You’ve done it, you’re the one whose risen up and smashed your goals and achieved what you set out to.

Don’t be afraid of owning your success. You have worked hard and earned it. You’ve built that confidence, smashed your training and nutrition and lost that weight. You need to embrace the different person you have become. Hang about with different people, go to different places.

Don’t accept average and don’t let people get you down. If people are trying to get you down, tell them straight and stand up for yourself.

George Armstrong Weekly Workout 30th January 2022
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