Shifting the mindset

Shifting the mindset

The mindset shift from being a negative person is hard. I have been one of the most negative people you would ever meet, you might not think that now but it’s because I’ve worked relentlessly on my mindset to get where I am now. It has taken a lot of work, consistency and being disciplined with it to get where I am now. Listening to you guys, the trainers, about the situation that you’ve been through, the mindset you have and the things you say, it touches home a lot. I know because I have been there myself. Feeling like the world was against me, that I was the only one going through anything in life.

It is the victim’s mentality. This mentality isn’t going to help you, isn’t going to serve you or benefit you in way. We need to flip the switch. When you are complaining, moaning, blaming other people and not taking complete ownership of where you are at currently, right now, that isn’t going to help. You have to take complete ownership of the situation you are in and own it, and then take one step in front of the other and accomplish what you need to accomplish.

You’ve got structure, you’ve got a set plan. Tick every single box daily. Make sure you hit those boxes every single day and it will compound over a long period of time and then you will move and shift. Not just your mindset, body, health, energy, but you are going to walk, talk and act completely different. This program is not just about changing your body shape, you know that. It is so much more.

Seeing you guys happier, getting promotions at work, or taking that step in meeting new people and building new relationships and owning every single part of where you are at is amazing to see. We are not going to bull shit here, we are going to tell you the truth. If you need to sort your shit out, sort your shit out because no one is going to do it for you. No one is going to come to save you but yourself. Even though you might be feeling like shit and having a bad day, try and see the bad situations as a way to grow and learn instead of just being so negative and depressed about everything you are going through.

Today I want to talk about mindset. For me, mindset is everything. It is something you have to work on consistently, always pushing further and trying to reach that next level. There is always a next level. Building your mindset takes years. I started working on my mindset in different ways from being in school, in subtle ways like doing an extra rep or set each session. Picking the harder exercises or training for a few extra minutes when you really don’t want to do it.

Simple but effective ways that build your mindset over time. It doesn’t just build your mindset, it builds your self-confidence because you know you achieve things that you set out to do. It takes a lot of grit and determination to build your mindset and consistency over a long time. I know when I slack off and don’t work on myself, I see it negatively impact other areas of my life. You’re trying to juggle all these things at once and keep on top of everything.

The easiest thing to do is to not work on yourself. It is so easy to do that, to be stagnated with your mindset and who you are as a person. You’re not really bothered by progressing. Not just progressing your fitness, but in everything in life including who you treat people. You’re slacking off and you know you could be doing better.

Building my mindset and confidence from where I was in school, where I my academic skills were low, that affected my confidence massively. I didn’t think I could achieve what I have achieved already today. From where I was today, there is a huge difference in who I am and what I think about myself. I didn’t believe in myself or my abilities to be successful in business. It was a mental battle.

The only reason I have got here today is by working on my mindset and building my belief in myself through doing hard shit. If you are not pushing yourself constantly, you’re not going to reach the next level and build confidence. Reading books and listening to podcasts for an hour a day. Doing that for years, it compounds and all of a sudden you see subtle changes in your life and who you are. People start to notice different things in you as you grow.

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