Tips on returning to the gym

Tips on returning to the gym

T-minus what seems like a lifetime until our precious gyms re-open. There’s light at the end of the tunnel for fitness fanatics, and that light shines down on the 12th April.

With just under a month until we can walk into our beloved gyms, this is the perfect time to congratulate our clients, and those yet to join Physique Academy, who have tackled lockdown head on and improve their fitness lifestyle. Those who have adapting their training programmes, completing home workouts and embracing the great outdoors for their cardio.

Unfortunately, lockdown has been the cause of many people who once loved training, neglect their fitness routines after the novelty of the Strava app wore off and the lack of access to gym equipment deterred any training motivation.

As the re-opening of gyms draws closer, we know there will be hundreds of thousands of gym goers eager to get straight back to where they left off. We love the determination, but this will do more damage than good. Here are some tips on returning to the gym after lockdown.

1. Take it easy

With a long break from the gym, your body has adapted to the reduced physical stress on your muscles, nerves and connective tissues. This means going straight into your 1 rep max after a prolonged time away from the gym is likely to cause injury and will increase your time away from the gym. For your first couple of sessions, bring back some of the intensity, reduce the weight from what you used to be able to lift and focus on your form.

2. Warm up

We know you’re eager to get back to the weights but breaking through the entrance and sprinting straight over to the bench press isn’t going to help. Prepare for your work out by warming up your intended muscle group.

3. Rest and recover

Listen to your body! Rest and recovery is vital when returning to the gym after an extended period of time off. Training multiple times a day, every day to make up for the time you haven’t been in the gym is going to hinder your recovery.

4. Be Patient

Do not be so hard on yourself and push too hard from the outset. You will find your strength has decreased, you may fatigue quicker, and you may have lost some muscle mass. Don’t worry, you will get back to your optimal performance with an effective training routine and consistency.

5. Get a coach

It’s time to get serious with your training and get expert advice. Physique Academy will equip you with a bespoke training and nutrition plan, provide you with specialist advice and push you to adopt a better lifestyle.

Book a free consultation call to discuss your goals and let us explain how we can help you achieve them.

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