Coach Spotlight - Javi Gomez



What Does Fitness mean to you? 

Fitness is progression, the ability to progress always, no ma8er the marginality of such gain.  To take each day head on and push the body to its limits and test one’s mental fortitude.  

When did you start your fitness journey? 

I have always been an active individual, from a young age coming from where I come from it has always been a necessity to spend time outside. Whether this be competing in surf lifesaving, representing my club nationally, surfing, competing in athletics and gig rowing to name but a couple of endeavours. It all started for me when rugby really took over. I had been playing since I was a young boy, initially playing with friends on the weekends for fun, until it began to dominate my life more and more. College was when it really took over and I also became extremely invested in the accompanying aspects of what it took to perform at a high level, whether this be nutritional strategies, targeted strength and conditioning protocols, recovery methodologies to name but a few. Being exposed to competition at a high level allowed me to push my training to the next level and compete against exceptional individuals. Since then, it has instilled in me the necessity to push my physical capabilities whilst also being a strength and conditioning coach for high level athletes, testing them accordingly, some of whom represent their country internationally.

How has fitness helped you in other areas of your life? 

Fitness has taught me discipline, mental resilience and helped me develop a will to persist with all my endeavours.  

What do you bring to the Physique Academy? 

Having worked with professional athletes in the past, implementing appropriate training strategies for their desired goal has allowed me to bring an expansive approach to the application to certain individuals no matter who they are. To. work collaboratively with them to ensure they achieve their goals both physical and performance based. Whilst offering an educational experience for the client, delving into physiology, anatomy, and biomechanics.

What are your THREE biggest strengths when it comes to being a coach?

My ability to showcase my passion when it comes to training and helping others.  

The will and urge to constantly educate myself and to develop, to become the most knowledgeable, approachable, and passionate individual I can be. 

My ability to communicate and connect with a client and ensure they attain their goals no matter what their perceived boundaries may be.

Why should people join the Physique Academy? 

It will change your life… 

What advice would you give to people starting their fitness journey?  

Dive in, do not compare yourself to others, start, just start, everything will fall into place.

What is the best thing about being part of physique academy? 

The ability to be surrounded by like-minded individuals on a day-to-day basis all on the same mission and working to completely change people’s lives.  

What is your favourite style of training? 

I participate in all forms of training, hybrid, bodybuilding, performance based anything that allows me to work towards a goal and surpass my previous self. 

Why is routine and discipline important to you? 

Routine provides us with an optimal platform to progress and excel, when we get into a routine habits become inherent and as a result, they will stay with us always. It allows for progression to be made and become second nature. Discipline allows you to travel towards a goal that you wish to attain despite feeling tired, fatigued or out of your comfort zone, it ensures you complete the tasks required to achieve that goal despite how you are feeling in that present moment. 

Have you ever had a setback in training and how did you overcome this?  

Setbacks come in many forms whether it be injuries, a sudden lifestyle change, or lack of accessible equipment such as gym closure due to covid. Just remember why you started, optimise the things you are in control of, develop a routine and work with what you have.

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