Coach Spotlight - Tyler Nixon



When did you start your fitness journey?

I began my fitness journey in 2016 when I was in the later stages of college at the age of 17.

What is your greatest achievement in fitness?

My greatest achievement in my fitness journey is being in this position here where I am now… I am the fittest I have ever been, I have the knowledge to be able to ensure that I can carry myself through this lifestyle for the rest of my life and now I am able to take others through their fitness journey ensuring they are getting the most out of their own experience. I had no self-esteem; my confidence was on the floor with little drive and motivation to be able to push myself to change and in the present day I am the complete opposite to that.

How has fitness helped you in other areas of your life?

Fitness has allowed me to feel like I have a purpose. I used to wake up not knowing what I was going to do with my day, with little to do in my day I would just go to work and come home which then It would be a repeat for the next day, and that was not enjoyable. Life was repetitive, without a passion there isn’t any motivation for anything. People spend their lives working for and helping other companies on a full time basis yet they do not work on themselves… and that is not who I wanted to be.

Fitness  has given me the chance to meet new people, change my life completely, it has given me a purpose to be able to get up out of bed in a morning with the mindset of being productive and attacking the day with positivity.


What do you bring to Physique Academy?

For myself I put myself in the position that the client is in, some people will be in the worst shape of their life mentally and physically and I can put myself in that position where there is no motivation and feel lost. I add a personal touch to every client because everyone is different and we are all human, more than that we are all a team, and we back each other no matter what situation we are in. I can motivate people and change their perceptions on life. No client will wake up every day and have the same high level of motivation and that is normal, that is why I am there to add motivation, knowledge and structure because that is what I didn’t have but managed to get through it and come out on top.

Why should people join Physique Academy?

If you’re lacking knowledge, motivation, drive, confidence, self esteem then these are some of many things that I as a client turned coach now am equipped with. When I joined physique academy I was in a bad spot, physically and mentally. Physique academy did not just send over a plan and asked me to follow, in fact I was guided through the 2 and a half years of my life both physically but mentally too which for me was a big thing because of course it is great signing up to a plan and getting all the hard work done for you but it is an step up to have the help from physique academy to have your mindset kept on top of too. Physique Academy ensure that your mindset fits the fitness lifestyle and both together is a life changing combination.

What advice would you give to people starting their fitness journey?

My best piece of advice for someone starting their fitness journey is; Always remember why you started, you envisioned a better stronger version of yourself and it is important not to lose that, some day we wake up and we don’t want to go to the gym or we go off plan “just this once” but that is not just the once, that is you losing sight of why it is that you began this journey in the first place, one thing I told myself as a beginner is I want to be that guy who can look back at where he has come from and be proud of who I am I that moment because the fitness lifestyle there is no end.. you get better and better the longer you are committed, so be that better version of yourself that you always wished you could be.

What is the best thing about being with Physique Academy?

The best part about being with physique academy is that you feel part if a movement… a team that betters and advocated men’s health and fitness. There is a community of people who you are a team with. Everyone posting in the Facebook page motivates me every day no matter what it is that I am doing. We are not just coaches… we are you best pals who you speak to on a daily basis, and we are like-minded people. Surround yourself with people you aspire to be like and that is what we are all about.

What is your favourite style of training?

I prefer traditional weight training using dumbbells, free weights, and machines. I prefer this as it is something I can progressively overload at and enjoy it at the same time. I enjoy getting stronger on my compound lifts and making sure that are progressively improving in terms of form and weight load.

Why is discipline and routine so important to you?

Routine and discipline are the foundations of fitness, but not only fitness but in your day-to-day life too. Having that structure in your life gives you the ability to be able to change and adapt to certain situations that you normally would feel lost in… without discipline the how are you going to ever be able to remain consistent and doing something? You will never improve and more importantly you’ll never see change. Without routine then there is not consistency, if you don’t have a routine then you do not have structure in your life. It is better to know what you are going to do in advance therefore you can prepare for what is to come… why let it surprise you unprepared?

Have you ever had a setback in training and if so, then how did you overcome it?

The biggest setback I had was my mental strength… I used to let things in life affect me I ways that they should not have. This is because I did not really have a structure or plan on how to move forward. The one thing that made me overcome this is adhering to a training plan from physique academy, by giving me that motivation and structure it allowed me to not let anything I life have a long-lasting effect on me because I turned everything into motivation to be better and to this day, I still live by this.

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