How to use social media effectively

How to use social media effectively

When it comes to fitness, Social Media plays a huge part in shaping perceptions on how people should look, how they should train, what they should eat and even what they should wear to the gym. It’s a highly influential platform that has both negative and positive attributes and it’s important for those who are either wanting to start or are currently on a fitness journey, to use this tool effectively.

We recently discussed how choosing the right support system is essential to successfully achieving a healthier lifestyle and mindset, and this is the same model you should assign to your social media. Utilise the easy access platform to positively support your goals by choosing the right people to engage with.

Comparison can be detrimental to your progress. As social media can be such a good platform to inspire and motivate you, it can also destroy self-confidence and impact your progress. This aspect comes into reflection when you identify accounts to follow to inspire you. Let’s be serious here, those influencers that showcase incredible genetics and physiques have that have taken years of extreme training to achieve. No promoted 4 week ‘ab blast’ course can get you those results, contrary to what their paid ad comment may say. We are in no way throwing offense at these types of accounts, their physiques are aspirational and their dedication to achieving those results are nothing but admirable. But if you compare those level of results to your own journey, this can impact your self-confidence and may deter your progress by perceiving your achievements negatively. By all means, use these accounts as part of your support system if you control the level of comparison you align with your own goals. This method can be applied to all areas of your life; family, financially, career and socially.

Identify those accounts who have similar interests, fitness goals and are on a similar journey to yourself and engage with them. As part of the Physique Academy programme, we promote both physical and mental changes to your lifestyle. Follow accounts that promote a healthier lifestyle and positive mindset.

It’s important to realise that as you are subject to influencers on these platforms, but you also have the power to influence. Show your support to those on the same journey as you, share your progress and educate those with the knowledge you have gained throughout your journey. Look back to when you firs started your journey, did you have others support you through social media? If you did, how effective was that on your confidence and motivation to get to the next level. If not, then be that person for someone else and promote that support message.

Search for accounts that influence your progress and utilise them to your own gain. If you find yourself comparing yourself to specific accounts and this is having a negative impact on you, then let’s cut out that b*ullshit from your life and get it out of your mind. Follow @physiqueacademy for plenty of helpful tips on training and mindset.

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