Coach Spotlight - Reece Hopkins



When did you begin your fitness journey?

I began my fitness journey at 17 years old when I started going to the gym to build some muscle and strength to help me improve my performance on the football pitch.

What is your greatest achievement in fitness?

My greatest achievement in fitness so far is the life changing results I’ve got for the clients I have worked with over the years. After that I’d say getting in the best shape of my life for a fitness model photoshoot.

How has investing in a fitness journey helped you in other areas of your life?

Investing in my first ever gym membership at 17 years old was the most expensive purchase I’d ever made at that time of my life and it was the investment that completely changed my life, from that investment I’ve carved out my career, my passion, transformed the way I look and ultimately found the ‘thing’ that keeps my mind in great shape.

What do you bring to Physique Academy?

I bring 10 years of coaching experience and a vast knowledge of working with people. I’ve built an abundance of knowledge from being in the fitness industry from training to nutrition and everything in between. I am also massively passionate about helping people with their mindset and personal development which is a massively overlooked part of any transformation process.

Why should people join Physique Academy?

We are a team of coaches that are passionate about all the people we work with. We have a high level of experience, knowledge, care and attention to detail. We are friendly and approachable but most importantly we’ve been in the shoes of the people we’ve helped, that’s why we are so successful at what we do. 

What advice would you give to people starting their fitness journey?

Invest in somebody that has done what you want to do, listen to them, ask questions, be patient and trust the process.

What’s the best thing about being a part of Physique Academy?

Everybody at Physique Academy from clients to coaches are all on a journey of bettering themselves in some way shape or form and we all want the best for each other.

What is your favourite style of training? Weightlifting? cross-fit? other areas of fitness?

I enjoy a weightlifting/bodybuilding style approach in the gym and I also enjoy training for sport specific performance.

What does your daily routine look like?

I like to keep my daily routine as simple as it needs to be, four solid meals, at least a 30-minute minimum walk, work with my clients, train in the evenings and devote at least one hour a day to personal development which generally includes meditation and reading.

Why is routine and discipline important to you?

Routine is key for me because it allows me to be as proactive as I can be with my time, it allows me to remain focused on my daily tasks and this then pushes me to be more successful with my work.

Have you ever had a set back from training and how did you make a comeback?

I have had my fair share of training related injuries in the past that’s for sure and I often made the mistake of training through them. Through experience I’ve learnt to give yourself the recovery you need, back off from training, seek physio if its needed and allow yourself to fully recover before going back to the gym.

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