The impact of cutting calories too soon

The impact of cutting calories too soon

Cutting back your calories can be detrimental to your fat loss results. We get it, you want to get fast results and achieve your results in the quickest time possible. A lot of the time, it’s really difficult to sustain a calorie intake that is pushing you both physically and mentally because when you cut back your calories your energy levels will decreased leaving you feeling lethargic, drained, fatigued, ‘hangry’ and will see an ugly side to yourself then when you were on a healthy and rigid diet tailored to your body. We’ve all been there; hunger can stir up emotions like anger and agitation. When you are on a fat loss journey and you cut your calories back too much too soon, these are the emotions you will feel frequently on a daily basis and is not sustainable.

These diets are not enjoyable and will end up hindering your quality of life for yourself and others around you. When you are trying to speed the process up too much and cut corners it never works. It’s rare that we see people go on a very strict low-calorie diet, get amazing results and then sustain it. Usually, the case is people cut back too much to speed up this process as a quick fix to look good but don’t consider the physical and mental implications. Essentially you cut back your calories and are left with no energy to train to your full capacity, you don’t enjoy the food included in your diet, you ruin relationships within your support system because of your mood and you are more likely to fall into an unhealthy regime. So, unless you are willing to completely suffer then you want to think about the long game and enjoy the process of training, eating the foods you enjoy and getting better results because of this.

This is journey for a reason. Take your time and trust the process and most of all enjoy bettering yourself, your lifestyle and your mindset. There is no such thing as a successful quick fix, it’s all about adopting those healthy habits and implementing a routine to allow you to enjoy the journey and relish in the results without suffering.

At Physique Academy, we guide every client on their diet and training to ensure they get optimum results whilst enjoying every second of the journey. We supply the tools every step of the way on the right time to alter specific parts of their training, whether this be cutting calories, adding certain food groups, increasing training to benefit each individual.

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