Long term strategy

Long term strategy

You have got to think about this long term. You do not want to bounce back and put the weight back on. That is why when we take on a client, we want to work with them and make sure that they do not gain the weight back. The more times you gain that weight back, it knocks your confidence massively. You don’t have the mental fortitude to carry on getting back up after you’ve burnt yourself out by rushing the process. It just shoots you back.

At the end of a cut when you have lost the weight, no matter how long it takes, it takes as long as it takes. We will not take clients on who are not committed to the mission of being the best you and going all the way. If you, do it and you don’t go all the way, you can easily end up back to where you were. You know this. You know someone or have seen friends who have lost loads of weight and six months or a year down the line they have gained it back.

It is difficult. I still find it difficult to keep weight off, I’m battling all the time. Do not expect that battle to end. You actually don’t want that fear of gaining the weight back to leave you because if you didn’t have that you would probably slip back into your old ways. I’ve had clients who have literally felt like they were stuck and were never going to lose the weight and it has been a big burden on their life for twenty years. So, we want to make sure that the habits are broken to the point that you will not go back. You do not want that feeling of anxiety of going back to go because you care about the long-term gain of sustaining it.

Sustainability is key. We will get insane results; we want everyone to get fast results, but we have got to do it right. We have got to make sure we’ve got the plans in place so you can sustain it. From cardio to workouts to calories, we will put together the best strategy for you to sustain your results for the long term. That is the goal. None of this bull shit, quick fix. None of that. It’s about getting you where you need to be and then staying there. You know how good you feel when you are looking after yourself, eating well, feeling confident and high energy, fitting nicely in your clothes, not binge eating. When you have got that in place, and you’ve got all the different components together life is so much better.

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