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Sacrifice or success?

Sacrifice or success?

The main thing I want to get across to you is that you are not sacrificing anything by turning down a night out because you want to get to your goals. In society not drinking makes you look boring or feel like the odd one out, people look at you funny. If you are not eating shit when everyone else is, or not having a takeaway and eating what’s on the plan, within your calorie target. People will try and drag you down and make comments. It’s difficult, especially when all your mates or family are not into fitness. But you have got to see it as your happiness long term, and if you can’t make those adjustments and be disciplined with it, you are not going to get to your goal. If you can’t go out and have one or two drinks and eat well then maybe going out is not the best thing for you at the moment. Maybe staying in and working your ass off and getting in shape and feeling good about yourself might be the best thing to do.

But if you’re going out and spiraling out of control, eating like crap and drinking way too much you’re not going to get anywhere. This program is not for you then because there are other people who really want to do it. You’ve got to make those adjustments and compromise, but it is not a sacrifice. If your friends and family are saying you are boring and telling you to live at a little, that is just for weak minded people who want to pull you down. Do not listen to them.

If you have a goal and mission, turn it down. Don’t do it to yourself because you will feel shit about yourself long term. You are paying for this. You’ve got a coach and they want to help you achieve the best results and hold you accountable. If you are not ready to commit you aren’t ready to commit. Do not for one second think you are sacrificing anything by turning down a night out. Giving into instant gratification to be happy in the moment and make those around you happy by having that drink or junk food, that moment is going to be nowhere near as good as six months to a year’s time, you feeling so good about yourself. When you can look at yourself in the mirror and feel happy for once, in the clothes you wear and what you see. Knowing that you did this. And those negative people around you will be jealous because you achieved it and they know they never could.

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