The Impact of Sleep on Performance

The Impact of Sleep on Performance

Sleep is vital to sports performance. There are numerous studies and countless professionals, some of whom are considered the best in their respected fields, that support the enhancement of physical and mental attributes associated with sleep.

Weight Control

Studies have shown that deprivation of sleep has a positive correlation with cravings calorie-dense, high fat foods. Those who gain the correct amount of sleep will find it much easier to make healthier nutritional choices as the hunger for junk food is much less than individuals who don’t. Getting yourself into a fixed sleep routine with enhance this even further as you will be consistently getting the ideal amount of sleep to curve those cravings.


Lack of sleep is known to effect mood and emotional health. Motivation is key to anyone’s fitness journey. It’s a main source of positive mindset that pushes you to keep going to achieve your fitness goals and reduced sleep can ultimately impact this.


Sleep facilitates the production of human growth hormones which repair damages muscles. A consistent sleeping regime in lined with a training schedule will allow for optimal performance and recovery. A full night’s sleep allows your body to recover from specific work-outs, maximising your preparedness for the following days session and reduces and potential injury problems.


Waking up with heaps of energy is positively correlated with a good night’s sleep. This will enable to you take on your training schedule with peak energy levels. A lack of sleep will decrease your stamina and will negatively impact your training, in some cases rejecting any training at all. Increasing your stamina levels by being well rested will impact your fitness goals.

Cognitive Thinking

Being well rested will give you the mental strength needed to hit your training with maximum focus. A well-rested body is also a well-rested mind and will enhance the cognitive processes such ass accuracy, visual tracking, decision making and reaction times that all play a vital part in fitness and training.

Here at Physique Academy we suggest implementing a 6-8 hours of sleep a night regime into your fitness plan for optimal performance. If you want to discuss more of how we can help you achieve your fitness goals, contact us here to book a FREE consultation call.

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