The Importance of Routine

The Importance of Routine

At Physique Academy, we constantly push our clients to implement, perfect and continue a specific routine. An effective routine result in consistency, and consistency effectively gets results. We promote a sustainable routine not only for the physical and fitness benefits, but in many ways building the foundations of a specific routine can enhance other areas of your life.

As humans, we are creatures of habit and good habits in the form of a well-structured and organized routine promote health and wellbeing. A routine can be applied to all areas of your life; the time you wake up, making your bed, morning steps, ensuring you eat breakfast, training and eating at certain times, going to bed. All these elements carried out each day, every day will form your routine and when you factor a routine into your training and nutrition, this is where we see the best results.

Training and nutrition aside, as we mentioned earlier a well-structured and organised routine promotes both health and wellness:

Improved Stress Levels

A daily routine has the ability to eliminate stress levels and can lead to better mental health. Having no routine can cause anxiety, leaving people feeling they can’t get things done because of the lack of organisation.

Better Health

Becoming more organised through the help of a routine will ultimately lead to better health. Routines will enable you to free up more time ensuring you don’t miss that meal, you don’t skip that training session and you don’t slip into unhealthy habits. Healthy diets and training require advanced planning, by having no routine you are not planning ahead which can force last minute unhealthy nutrition decisions and lack of training.

Better Sleep

In our previous blog ‘The Impact of Sleep on Performance’ link this to the previous blog we explain the enhancement of physical and mental attributes associated with a healthy sleeping pattern. Keeping a constant sleeping pattern will see you feeling more refreshed and will therefore enhance your routine constancy. Poor sleep can promote higher stress levels and unhealthy eating habits.

Set an Example

Leading a well organised lifestyle can influence others around you. Including others within your routine, whether this be with friends or family, can encourage others to adopt a healthy lifestyle and can also motivate yourself to keep up the consistency. For example, walking with a friend at the same time each day will motivate each other to continue this aspect of a routine.


Setting yourself a routine and sticking to it requires discipline. In the eyes of Physique Academy, discipline is one of the main individual factors we strive to achieve with our clients. Discipline can be applied to all areas of your life and is exactly what you need to stay on track. By having a lack of discipline, it’s easy to adopt unhealthy habits.

Saves Time

Creating a daily routine allows you to free up spare time that would otherwise be spent chasing up the hours you missed by not effectively planning. More time freed means more time doing what you want to do whether it be spending time with friends and family, exercising are learning something new. All things that can increase wellness.

Help You Achieve Fitness Goals

Fitness routines enable consistency. Consistency in training and nutrition is vital to achieving results. Applying a routine towards training and nutrition will see improvements in your fitness. All fitness goals take time and ensuring you remain consistent through the use of a routine with your training and nutrition, we guarantee you will see these results.

Everyone is unique and will therefore require specific routines to suit their training, lifestyle, job and family. At Physique Academy, we will work with you to ensure we implement, perfect and continue to get results with your routine.

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