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Adam has gone through one of the most impressive transformations we have seen at Physique Academy. Not only have he changed his physique, but he has completely changed his life. His journey has opened new doors for his career and has gone from client to coach. After inspiring 100s with his transformation, Adam has been working with clients working with clients first hand, implementing the changes and also facing and supporting the challenges he has gone through. His journey has taught him what it takes to become the best version of himself and now holds the skills to pass on his experience and the Physique Academy philosophy

When did you begin your fitness journey?

Ella is I started my fitness journey back in July 2020 where I was weighing just shy of 99kg classed as ‘obese’.

When did you begin your fitness journey?

I started my fitness journey back in July 2020 where I was weighing just shy of 99kg classed as ‘obese’.

What is your greatest achievement in fitness?

Going from being classed as clinically obese, low on self-esteem, low on motivation, low on self-love and worth, constantly hiding myself and restricting myself to being in the shape of my life, putting my health and wellbeing at the forefront of my mind at all times, confident, outgoing, extremely motivated and just overall very happy.

Using my platform to inspire and motivate others and spread the message that YOU CAN DO IT too! Receiving daily messages complimenting me, thanking me and just appreciating me brings a lot of self-satisfaction which motivates me to keep pushing forward.

How has investing in a fitness journey helped you in other areas of your life?

During my fitness journey, I and many around me have noticed my overall persona change. I am much more outgoing, confident, happier and more of a pleasure to be around as I am always in such a positive spirit. My outlook on life is totally different, some days I’ve questioned ‘what is my purpose?’ but during this journey and developing such a passion for the fitness industry, my passion has led me to my purpose, which is to motivate, educate and inspire men who are looking to achieve their full potential. I may have changed a hell of a lot physically but what a lot of people often misunderstand or forget is that a journey like this will also pay huge dividends on your mental health, which is something I am very passionate about.

What do you bring to Physique Academy?

I am someone who is very driven and motivated by results. Having being someone who has been through the Physique Academy process I can relate to the individual on a personal level, I’ve been in their shoes, I will help them push through any obstacles and hurdles they come across on their journey with us, no matter what that might be.

I bring a hell of a lot of passion so clients can rest assured I’m going to ensure they achieve the best they possibly can as this isn’t just business to me, this is personal, this is my purpose.

Why should people join Physique Academy?

We’re the best at what we do. Collectively as a team we are very passionate about all of the clients we work with. We don’t just focus on getting you into amazing shape, your mental health and mindset is also at the forefront of our minds. We don’t have a one size fits all approach, we go above and beyond to ensure the lifestyle changes we implement fit with your routine as to us sustainability is key and sustainability is what brings results.

What advice would you give to people starting their fitness journey?

What’s holding you back? Quit looking for reasons not to get started. If there was ever a time to do it… it’s now.

What’s the best thing about being a part of Physique Academy?

Being part of the mission. Everyone within the Physique Academy team whether it be a client or a coach are on a collective journey of bettering themselves and achieving their true uncapped potential.

What is your favourite style of training? Weightlifting? cross-fit? other areas of fitness?

I enjoy a bodybuilding style approach during my workouts. Bodybuilding is something I am very passionate about. I also enjoy HIIT training and endurance.

What does your daily routine look like?

I’m an early bird, so I am up at 5am. I stretch for roughly 30 minutes before heading to the gym for 1 hours fasted cardio. After this I’ll come home and usually listen to a podcast / watch YouTube which is usually something industry or mindset focused – anything that will help me develop. I’ll then eat around 8am and then work through until around 12pm where I’ll have my second meal and afterwards go for a walk. I’ll continue to work up until around 4 where I’ll have my third meal which is my pre workout meal. I then continue working up to around 5pm where after I will head to the gym to complete my resistance training which usually lasts around 90 minutes. After I’ll eat my fourth and final meal of the day before prepping food for the next day and then get into bed around 10:30pm.

Why is routine and discipline important to you?

Without routine, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Routine is everything, without routine you go into your day unorganised, not knowing what you’re doing, so to me it’s key to achieving greatness.

Have you ever had a set back from training and how did you make a comeback?

I’ve had several set backs during my fitness journey. From injuries to critics I’ve come across them, but the one thing that’s helped me push forward every time is my mindset. Staying true to the mission, staying true to the goal and having the feeling of achievement in my mind. Having the Physique Academy team behind me has embedded this warrior mindset and has turned me into the person I’m proud to be today.

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