The Miracle of Morning Steps

The Miracle of Morning Steps

Contrary to the title of this blog, no morning steps are not a miracle, but there are plenty of reasons both physically and mentally why you should boost yourself up and get active first thing in the morning with a step routine. Getting to the gym first thing in the morning for some may be impossible to due opening hours, commute, working hours and family commitments, but morning steps are the perfect alternative to maintaining your fitness and hold some fantastic health benefits.


Morning steps are a perfect way to kick start your daily routine. We’ve touched on the topic of why implementing a fitness routine is vital for success.

Boost Your Energy

Getting outdoors for your morning steps has proven to be a natural energy booster when compared to indoor walking. A study showed that adults who walked for 20 minutes outdoors experiences more vitality and energy than those who walked indoors.

Improve Mental Clarity

A morning walk has the ability to improve cognitive processing, meaning you can think more clearly and creatively throughout the day.

Mood Enhancer

Completing exercise as your first task of the day will certainly lift your mood. As previously mentioned, morning steps can improve mental clarity, this can also reduce stress levels and anxiety towards daily jobs. Walking has proven to help release endorphins and serotonin, especially in an outdoor environment. These are your body’s natural mood and self-esteem enhancers.

Better Health Choices

Starting your day with a walk will assist in making better and healthier choices throughout the day. Completing your steps will situate you in a healthier mindset which will conclude in making better nutritional choices and completing further training.

Weight Loss

Your morning steps is exercise and this will help those who want to achieve weight loss as their fitness goal.

Muscle Strength

Walking at a moderate pace and choosing routes with inclines will activate the leg muscles and will prompt them to work harder. Walking will therefore strengthen the muscles in your legs.

Stay Connected

It’s great reason to get outside and enjoy your surroundings. If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s to appreciate the great outdoors. Including others in your walking routine is a great way to stay connected with both nature and your friends and family. You’re therefore influencing others to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

We suggest aiming for 10,000 steps a day, but this is determined on the individual. Book a free consultation call with Physique Academy and we can discuss your fitness objectives.

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