Coach Spotlight - Harry Armstrong



From working out in his garage with rusty weights from the age of 15, to becoming a Welsh BNBF Regional Bodybuilding Champion, Harry brings heaps of nutritional and training expertise to Physique Academy. Brother of George, the founder of the Physique Academy, competitiveness and drive to be the best runs in his veins as the two have gone to battle since their Dad set up a home gym when they were younger. Since adopting endurance training to his own lifestyle, Harry enhances the programme by introducing alternative training techniques, with nutrition and weight training as the foundations.

When did you begin your fitness journey?

Started at the age of 15, in my garage at home. My dad bought me and George some weights to start with. We had a bench, dumbbells, barbell, Ez bar – all super rusty!

What is your greatest achievement in fitness?

Winning the Welsh BNBF regional bodybuilding show in 2018

How has investing in a fitness journey helped you in other areas of your life?

It has helped in all aspects: Mindset, discipline, drive and determination to become the best version of myself. This comes across in my work life, family life and literally anything.

What do you bring to Physique Academy?

I bring over 10 years of high-level weight training and nutrition experience. Mindset coaching is one area I really focus on as I understand the importance of this aspect of the programme. Competitive experience and drive. My new-found love and acknowledgment of endurance training brings a myriad of training techniques. A serious level of dedication, each client is an investment of time and willingness and I dedicate as much time and effort into each client as they do into the programme.

Why should people join Physique Academy?

Physique Academy isn’t just about getting people into amazing shape, we focus on the mindset of clients and provide them with the knowledge they need to flip their life upside down for the better. We embed lifestyle changes that clients can then use and adapt to fit their specific routine and take forward further in life. We go above and beyond in supporting our clients with anything that they may struggle with, so providing exceptional accountability is something we are proud of.

What advice would you give to people starting their fitness journey?

Simple, just get started. Waiting around until the following Monday isn’t going to get you where you want to be both physically and mentally. The time is now.

What’s the best thing about being a part of Physique Academy?

The real sense of community within our team and clients, we are all one big family!

What is your favourite style of training? Weightlifting? cross-fit? other areas of fitness?

Weight training will always be my favourite as that is how I fell in love with fitness and is always the base of my current program. However, with the introduction of my endurance disciplines, the hybrid training I have now adapted is becoming a perfect program for me and my goals.

What does your daily routine look like?

I religiously wake up at 6am and start the day with a coffee. From 6:30-10am I work and check in with clients. 10am is my first meal of the day consisting of high carb and high protein food in order to energise myself for my 1pm-2pm weight session. This is followed by a high protein filled meal before I return to work until 5pm. When work is finished, I focus on endurance training for up to 2-2.5 hours. Meal 4 follows this before chill time and time spent usually meal prepping and client updates. I have my final meal around 10pm before I go to bed where I tend to read before finally going to sleep.

Why is routine and discipline important to you?

Without having structure in your life, you have no control. Routine gives you intent in the things you need to do throughout the day, without that, YOU WILL NOT achieve your daily goals as other things will take precedence. Discipline is what keeps you from deviating from the goal. Having a clear goal and a strong reason for “WHY” will really help with this. Being disciplined with your diet and training will 100% transfer over to your normal everyday life.

Have you ever had a set back from training and how did you make a comeback?

We have all had injuries, but you can’t just dwell on them, you need to overcome them and move forward. Assess what has happened and take action, whether that is going getting medial help, resting, rehab whatever it takes. You’ve got to understand that this issue is only temporary and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. For me I have had a few injuries with the intense training over time and it does really affect me mentally, but that’s where you need to use above to help get through it.

“Harry is one of the most dedicated and motivated coaches around. Having worked with him to achieve his Welsh BNBF Title, I’ve seen first-hand how hard Harry pushes himself to achieve his goals. He’s had certain knockbacks throughout his training and has the powerful mindset that makes him the perfect coach for Physique Academy. His seen a number of clients successfully hit their targets and is constantly pushing them to go that extra mile. Harry has an abundance of knowledge and years of experience that can help our clients”. – George Armstrong  

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