Client of the Month - Carl Harley


It’s time to reveal our latest Client of the Month. Carl Harley has been chosen for his incredible levels of dedication to his specific training and nutrition programme. His hard work is a true testament to the Physique Academy movement, improving his lifestyle, his mindset and his knowledge on training and nutrition. Since joining the academy, Carl’s confidence and self-belief have skyrocketed and his physical results speak for themself. Losing 5kg in 8 weeks, Carl built muscle and strength whilst loosing body fat. The plan is to keep on bringing body fat down until he is in a position to increase his calorie intake and alter his training programme.

When did you join the Physique Academy?

I started Physique Academy in March during lockdown

Why did you join Physique Academy?

I had let myself go over the last few years and needed a kick start to get into shape. From speaking to a friend, who has had incredible results since joining the Physique Academy, I requested a call with the team to see what we could do. It's been the best decision I've made.

What have you achieved both physically and personally since joining the academy?

Physically I've achieved a physique I didn’t think was possible in 8 weeks. There's still a long way to go but I couldn’t be happier with the physical changes to date. I've learnt a lot about myself in 8 weeks and the programme has pushed me on. It does take commitment and determination to achieve your targets and that’s something I was lacking in prior to starting this journey. In the short time I've been joined up to the Physique Academy I have become a much happier and determined person.

What is your ultimate fitness goal?

I don’t have a defined fitness goal. My short term aim was to improve my health and fitness, looking forward my aim is to continue to push my body to achieve the best outcome and be proud of my achievements.

In what other areas of your life has Physique Academy helped you improve?

The main achievement for me over the last 8 weeks has been the improved confidence and self-belief. I've struggled in the past with confidence and anxiety issues, since joining Physique Academy I've been given the tools to improve my fitness which has massively helped my mental state and driven me to push on.

Would you recommend Physique Academy?

100% yes. The guidance and advice the team gives is invaluable. The results of their clients speaks for itself and the team really does motivate you to make life changing transformations.


What gets you motivated to complete the programme to best of your ability?

My motivation comes from the target of weigh-ins. I push myself to try and meet the targets my trainer sets me weekly. There's no better feeling than hitting or beating your targets.

Is there something fitness related you can do now you couldn’t do before joining Physique Academy?

I can now do a 5k run without stopping!! Before the programme this wouldn’t have been achievable. The main thing for me though is that I now attend the gym with confidence. I was anxious about going to the gym having not been in a long time and it not being a place I would enjoy going previously. But with the programme to follow and the advice of my trainer it's something I look forward to doing.

How important is a routine for you?

Very. I never had a routine, or if I did it was a routine of doing nothing. I have adopted a routine since staring the Physique Academy which will help me throughout my life.

What has been your highlight of working with Physique Academy?

The physical results and the mental improvements are personal highlights but I would say a main point to note is the improved knowledge I now have on training and nutrition. The team really push you to be the best you can be and that for me has been key.

What’s next on your fitness journey?

Continue to push myself daily to make improvements. I've realised that any improvement no matter how small is progress. I feel the alterations I've made since joining the Physique Academy have changed me for life and I now want to see how far I can go and be the best I can be.

“Carl is the definition of hard work. Not only has he completely transformed his physique in 8 weeks, but his mindset and confidence have improved immensely. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with and shows incredible levels of dedication. This is just the beginning for Carl, he has incredible potential and I’m excited to see what we can achieve together!” - Harry Armstrong

If Carl has inspired you to change your lifestyle, book a FREE consultation call with the Physique Academy and let’s get started.

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