Client of the Year - Chris Gordon


Congratulations to our Client of the Year! Chris Gordon has been working hard with coach Neil to achieve incredible weight loss results and raise his confidence levels! Each month we share an incredible transformation and story about a client within the Physique Academy who goes above and beyond, and nobody shows determination and dedication like Chris which is why he is truly great recipient as we look back on 2022, receiving the award for Client of the YEAR!

“I wanted to nominate client Chris as client of the month because of how much he has changed as a person as-well as his life changing body transformation. Not only has he lost 40kg of body fat now but has also found a love for weight training and running. The confidence this man now has is incredible, as its elevated so high from when we first started. A goal now is a full marathon next year, after recently completing a half marathon. Mentally and physically it’s great to see a client change so much every single week and this is why I love my job. Has every week been perfect… NO. But Chris never gave up and had trust in me and the process to keep going and it will pay off”. – Neil Chauhan - Physique Academy Online Coach.

Take a look below at our interview with Chris.


When did you join the Physique Academy?

I joined at the end of last year and have been working with Neil.

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Nutrition: The Basics


The terms calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats have become frequently referenced in regard to performance nutrition within the fitness industry. It is important to understand the fundamentals of nutrition before becoming concerned with the complexities.




A calorie is defined as:

‘The energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water by 1 °C.’

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Training: The Importance of Training



Training results in a huge number of benefits. Training utilises a variety of functional movements; setting you up to lift heavier, move faster and go for longer, as well as decreasing your chance of injury. Your ability to move influences all aspects of your lifestyle, from the way you look and feel to how you perform.

There are many reasons to train. Some people care mostly about aesthetics, or how they look: they want to lose fat, gain muscle, and improve body composition. Other people train to get stronger, faster, or better at their sport and will prioritise performance. Another reason to train is for enjoyment or to live a healthier life. No matter the reason, fitness training will set you up to look and feel your best whilst potentially improving your health, strength, and performance.


Many people strive to improve their physique. They desire to develop their bodies to suit their aesthetic goals. This often requires training to build a bigger and stronger physique and can be done through a bodybuilding approach.

Bodybuilding involves developing your body through resistance training. In a similar way to an artist creating a sculpture using shaping techniques, a bodybuilder applies resistance to sculpt certain areas of their body to change their appearance.

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Physique Academy Philosophy: Training - Mindset - Nutrition



Our mission at Physique Academy is to provide you with the physical and mental tools, to overcome the setbacks and obstacles that life throws at you. This will allow you to discover what true greatness and potential lives within you.

The core philosophy of Physique Academy is to strive to help people become fitter and healthier both mentally and physically. Overall Physique Academy is focussed on helping you to become the best version of yourself; building better habits, discipline, and drive to overcome all obstacles in life. The best version of you will not only enable you to live the best life possible but will also allow you to provide the best life to the people around you.

Physique Academy was built on the foundations of mental health and physical health. There is huge importance in thinking positively, performing well, and looking good. Interior confidence is of equal importance to exterior confidence. Health requires a healthy body and a healthy mind. Therefore, at Physique Academy we see the importance of pursuing your greatest physical and mental ability.

Physique Academy prioritises creating a holistic approach to fitness - focussing on three key pillars: training, nutrition, and mindset. Together we seek to work hard to better ourselves internally and externally whilst helping others around us to make the world a better place.

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5 Tips On Starting Trail Running – Harry Armstrong


Trail running has been an integral part of my hybrid training routine. I ramp up the trail running around this time of year because I prefer the harsher conditions and the self-satisfaction of fighting the elements. I aim to get one 8-10mile trail run in every week. I personally run in a group, it pushes each and every one who attends to be there every week. Support systems come in all forms, and we started this group after identifying an element of fitness we wanted to try, and we loved it. Two years later and the Saturday morning trail runs are still going strong. It just shows what happens when you challenge yourself to trying something new.

The new terrain, tough climbs, beautiful views, and fast descents push a new type of running that adds a further element to my hybrid approach of training. If you want to start trail running here are my 5 tips to get started.

1. Wear the right footwear

You will experience all types of terrain on the trails, the footwear you need is completely different to road running. Tough, sturdy, and extra grip will help you through those muddy and slippy miles.

2. Take it easy on the climbs

These come steep and fast, and you don't want to gas out. Take your time, there will be a descent on the other side to catch your breath but control your breathing on the uphill, take into consideration the size of your strides and keep your focus on the top.

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6 Minute Killer Emom Conditioning Workout


Not enough time in your day to spend an hour at the gym?

Looking for a short but effective workout that is going to push your body to its limits?

In this video George takes you through a 16-minute EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) workout, which is great for conditioning. He has chosen four different exercises to be completed over four rounds in the time frame set. Each exercise needs to be completed within a minute, and the remainder of time in that minute is then used as a rest period.

EMOM is an intense form of HIIT that gets your heart pumping and body working at maximum effort with limited rest time.

Benefits of an EMOM workout include:

  • A powerful workout in a short amount of time
  • High calorie burner
  • A productive structure
  • Controlled rest period
  • Builds up your muscle and strength endurance


  • 1 Min – Wall balls 16 @ 9KG
  • 2 Min – Rower 16 calories
  • 3 Min – DB snatch 16 @ 22.5KG
  • 4 Min – Thrusters BB 10 @ 50 KG
  • Complete four times


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I Almost Killed Mike Thurston!


I almost killed Mike Thurston - The HARDCORE Workout for You and Your Training Partner

"I like to train with someone who is more insane than me." said Mike Thurston, dripping with sweat and looking like he needed CPR.

We got together when I was in Ibiza, to train in disgusting 31 degrees celsius heat and filmed our workout for my latest YouTube video.

This is a perfect partner workout made much easier with support. You split the reps between you both so make sure you don't lose count!

Mike said this put more strain on his body than his usual weightlifting workouts and for good reason - it is HARDCORE.

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Client of the Month - Ben Wood


We caught up with our latest client of the month to learn more about his journey with Physique Academy.

When did you join the Physique Academy?

Ben jumped on board with Physique Academy due to feeling demotivated and not at his physical best throughout multiple lockdowns. He knew he needed to commit to something and make some positive changes.

The goals were clear from the start, although wanting to look his physical best, crossfit and conditioning work were a staple in Bens current regime. This allowed us to put a focus on performance, moving better and improving functionality.

Ben is now in the best shape of his life physically and feeling way more motivated and clear headed at work and home. In phase two, the goal is to now improve across all Olympic lifts now we have a few extra calories to play with take a look below to find out more about Ben’s Journey.

When did you join the Physique Academy?

I joined the Physique Academy in January 2022

Why did you join Physique Academy?

I always kept myself fit but never followed a program - I saw some of the transformations online and wanted to see if I could do the same.

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Effective Way To Sustain Your Health Goals


Are you looking for an effective way to sustain your health goals?

Then meal prepping is for you.

What is meal prepping?

Meal prepping is the process of planning and preparing your food ahead of time.

Meal prepping doesn’t have to seem overwhelming and is made simple once you gain an understanding of what you are doing. It is a great way to stay on track, build physique and maximise performance. Other benefits include; saving you time, helping you to purchase only the necessary food you need (saving you money and minimising food waste) and assisting you to eat healthier.

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Full Day Healthy Meal Prep


Think you haven't got time to cook healthy food that's going to help you lose fat, build muscle and feel amazing?

Let George show you how to prep 3000 calories of delicious food for a whole day in under 20 minutes.

Let George show you how to;

  • get a whopping 200g+ of protein into your daily diet
  • stop eating "boring as sh*t food" (as George says)how to not get bored by what you eat
  • his top tips for steak
  • what he eats for performance
  • and also laugh along as he forgets what a spatula is called! (He wouldn't - make it on Masterchef, put it that way!)


But I hate meal prepping - it takes ages!

Meal prepping doesn’t have to seem overwhelming and is made simple once you gain an understanding of what you are doing. It is a great way to stay on track, build physique and maximise performance. Other benefits include;

  • saving you time
  • keeping you organised
  • helping you to purchase only the necessary food you need (saving you - money and minimising food waste)
  • reducing decision fatigue so you don't have to rely on motivation assisting you to eat healthier


Of course you can treat yourself - let us show you how!

At Physique Academy we work on an 80/20 approach with nutrition which means 80% whole foods, 20% processed or a bit of a treat. We are not too strict with our meal plans because it is all about balance and being sustainable. This is proven to be beneficial through the results that our clients achieve.

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Bodywork Workout


Are you feeling tired and fatigued after a busy week of training, work, or just general everyday life stuff?

Have you not got much time to go to the gym but still want to get a workout in?

Here’s a 30-minute quick body weight workout to do, ideal for conditioning. This Cindy workout – with burpees and running added – can be done from any location, saving you that travel time to and from the gym.

What is a Cindy workout?

This consists of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats to be completed for as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in a 20-minute time frame.

In this workout that George is talking through, he is going to push you that extra mile and add in some burpees and a short run to each round, taking the time frame up to 30 minutes.

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The Glycemic Index vs Glycemic Load


Have you heard of the Glycemic Index (GI)?

It’s often cited in the media as an essential tool for picking carbohydrate sources and managing blood sugar.

You’ve likely seen that cereal box with LOW GI stamped on it like a badge of honour.

But what is it, and is it worth paying attention to?

While it can sound like a complicated term, simply put, the Glycemic Index is a value given to measure how fast a specific food increases blood sugar (glucose) levels.

Foods are categorised as low, medium or high glycemic, on a scale between 0-100. The lower the number, the slower your blood sugar will rise after eating it.

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Crossfit-Style Landmine Workout


This week's weekly workout is taken from my recent YouTube video with Bodybuilder Joe Ballinger.



I put him through his paces with a Crossfit-style landmine workout.

It's simple but very effective and amazing for the core. Anyone can do it, all you need is a barbell and weights. Ideally a barbell in an anchor point but if you can wedge it into the ground safely, that works too.

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Transforming Your Workouts


Inspired by my latest YouTube video, this is the way I like to train to take you from bodybuilding style, hypertrophy building muscle and strength then into conditioning.

With this pull workout, we're aiming to build muscle and sculpt the body, be functional but be jacked.

You can watch this workout in full on the YouTube link at the end of this email.


Pull Workout


T-Bar Row

  • 2 x sets of 10 reps
  • 1 x drop set of 30 reps
  • On the drop set, lower the weight every 10 reps


Iso Single Arm Machine Row

  • 2 x sets of 10 reps (each arm)
  • 1 x set 30 drop set (each arm)
  • On the drop set, lower the weight every 10 reps


Double Arm Machine Row

  • 2 x sets of 10 reps
  • 1 x drop set of 30 reps
  • On the drop set, lower the weight every 10 reps


Pronated Dumbbell Rear Row

  • Aiming for the rear delts
  • 2 x sets of 15 reps
  • 1 x dropset of 30 reps
  • On the drop set, lower the weight every 15 reps


Alternative Dumbbell Curls

  • 1 x set of 10 reps (each arm)
  • 1 x set of 15 reps (each arm)
  • 1 x set of 20 reps (each arm)


Spider Curls

  • Using an EZ bar
  • 2 x sets of 15 reps
  • 1 x dropset of 30 reps
  • On the drop set, lower the weight every 15 reps

Take a look at the workout in action with bodybuilder Joe Ballinger in my latest YouTube video.

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Sore Neck And Back


Sore neck and back? Is your chest workout to blame?

When clients sign up to customised 1:1 online coaching with Physique Academy, we get them to fill out their initial medical screening and health questionnaires.

One thing comes up more and more and more;

  • Neck ache
  • Back ache
  • Shoulder pain

This isn't an age thing either. We are seeing it in guys younger and younger. Even those who have been working out for years can't escape this problem.

As coaches, when we get our clients to complete their initial check-in and send us over those all-important starting photos, we are focusing a lot on your posture.

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Protein Timing - Pre or Post Workout?


You already know how important protein is for muscle growth and recovery.

You likely consume it with every meal, and theres a good chance you have a cupboard full of protein supplements to ensure you hit your daily requirements.

But what about protein timing, does it matter? Is it more important to have protein pre or post workout?

Today we’re going to dive into the research, explore the importance of protein timing, and see what you should do for best results.

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Compound Movements and Why You Should Prioritise Them


Are you still trapped in isolation exercise training cycles?

Hitting one “muscle group” at a time. Chasing muscular destruction from every possible angle, each and every week.

Training ultimately comes down to a series of choices, and the type of exercises you choose to focus on consistently will be reflected in your body composition and athletic capabilities.

How do you view the human body, simply as a collection of muscle groups that need to be hit separately? Or, as an integrated unit that should be trained and strengthened through full-body movements?

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Client of the Month - Cory Wilcock


Congratulations to our latest Client of the Month award winner. Cory felt inspired to join the academy after seeing the amazing results from our social channels and having a close friend train with the team. After phase 1, Cory is the leanest he has ever been in his life and has gained new levels confidence in himself. Coach Neil and Cory have worked together incredibly and the results speak for themselves. Cory previously struggled to balance a consistent diet with his social life, but with our guidance he was able to overcome this challenge and get the results he aimed for.

We caught up with our latest client of the month to learn more about his journey with Physique Academy.

When did you join the Physique Academy?

I joined Physique Academy in July 2021.

Why did you join Physique Academy?

I joined PA because I had seen a close friend seeing some unbelievable results and I wanted to see the same sort of results myself. I really wanted to see abs as they are something I had never achieved in my life and be much fitter all round.

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Mineralising Your Water for Optimal Hydration


Dehydration is a drag on human performance.

You’ve likely felt this yourself. Increased fatigue, lower motivation, and a reduced exercise capacity to name a few.

Surprisingly, these effects occur at as little as 2% total bodyweight dehydration(1).

According to the lay press, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. A shocking statistic if you think about it, the result being, hundreds of millions of humans that are underperforming physically.

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How Much Protein Is Optimal?


You’re probably aware of the importance of protein when it comes to body composition, muscle mass and optimal health.

And for a good reason, after all, it’s the foundation of the muscle tissue we work so hard to acquire and maintain.

It’s likely you’ve even taken steps to increase the amount of protein you consume. Protein shakes anyone?

What’s less understood is how much protein is optimal for building muscle, burning fat and improving recovery, and how this might vary based on your goals.

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